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Inspiration #7 – Mario testino

I do not know what it is.. but I love Photography that is shot by a film camera.. whether it is a Mamiya or an Hasselblad.. I love the effect they give.

I still haven’t clocked testino’s style but it seems like he loves shooting candid style shots , which I like.. also I love his black and white shots! makes me want to shoot on film!

check out his work..


Vogue Diaries: Drew Barrymore

Vouge Diaries: Keira Knightley

Vouge Diaries

Vouge – Behind the scene

Inspiration #6 – Rankin

”…Rankin, who is this guy you call ‘Rankin”. I said to my friend ‘Tracer’.  Not knowing who this guy was, I typed his name on google and found his website. Only three words can describe Rankin’s work; Amazing, Crazy and erm yeah.. Amazing.

Rankin has worked with Kate Moss, The Queen, Heidi Klum, Lindsay Lohan, Gordan Brown, Jay-z, Lily Allen and loads more. His portfolio is very big and explosive, every picture gives you a ‘BANG..WOW’ effect.

Recently watching his videos on youtube, Rankin has inspired me to work harder than I actually do. He has shown me that… There is no rest for the best.

Terry Richardson – Sex sells?

I was reading an article on Terry Richardson on my blackberry. It was about remarks by Danish model-turned-filmmaker Rie Rasmussen that the photographer’s work is degrading and exploitative. I had no clue who he was or what his pictures looked like.  so after reading the article about him(a bad one) I had to go see what this guy is about.

Once I search through google images.. I was amazed by his work actually, he has some amazing work.

If you people believe that sex sells in advertising, Terry Richardson is definitely your photographer. Best known for  imagery that crosses the lines between photography and pornography.

Mr.Richardson has shot for the famous magazine ‘vouge’ and photographed celebs such as;  Leonardo Di Caprio, Justin Timberlake and even President of USA Barack Obama.