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Leather and Pleather By Gracie Mowatt

Recently I’ve been loving leather; leather shorts, skirts, fringed jackets. Leather ROCKS!

Don’t you just love this look?


Look at those beauts. I mean the wedges!



I love the creative animal prints!
Outfit inspired by Chloe and Miu miu

I’m loving transparent materials, very sexy.


Vogue (throwback) january 2010 shoot

Very inspirational, this video has given me a few ideas for another shoot!

Calvin Klein vs Hollywood

The Calvin Klein advertisements have actually caught my eye and im actually in love with the style of the photos. The photos have a hollywood feel to them and are consistent. very inspiring I think I am going to bring out a great model, oil, a white wall and an hmi light 🙂 see how things turn out!

check out these shots

Lady GaGa, Annie Leibovitz & The Vogue

Drake- making females go crazy

Above The Peak + Nell Nabarro

Above The Peak got a chance to shoot the great model Nell Nabarro who was on Britains next top model. Nell was shot with a film camera instead of digital this time!

We tried to go for the natural look, no retouching, no heavy make up and simple styling. It went well and got some great pictures from the shoot!

Check out Nell Nabarro’s pictures:

”What do I need in my portfolio?” says model!

Whilst strolling through the net! I saw some videos from the ford models showing their portfolio! It is a great look for those not knowing what to add to their collection or models who want to start modeling.

Examples of good model’s portfolio for agency models:

1. Beauty shot.
2. Natural light shots.
3. Fashion shots in front of seamless paper.
4. Swimsuit shot.
5. Tear sheets.
6. Very light makeup shot or no makeup shot if the model can pull it off.
7. Editorial shots.
8. lingerie shots (nothing slutty).