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Inspiration #7 – Mario testino

I do not know what it is.. but I love Photography that is shot by a film camera.. whether it is a Mamiya or an Hasselblad.. I love the effect they give.

I still haven’t clocked testino’s style but it seems like he loves shooting candid style shots , which I like.. also I love his black and white shots! makes me want to shoot on film!

check out his work..

Vogue Diaries: Drew Barrymore

Vouge Diaries: Keira Knightley

Vouge Diaries

Azza + Above The Peak – The English boxer and Olympic gold medalist

It was the 11th of April, at park royal.. I was assisting my good friend Azza, who was shooting James Degale,  an English boxer and Olympic gold medalist. It was a quick shoot with amazing results in the big gym.

When it comes to portraits, fashion or beauty, Azza knows exactly what he is doing… the front cover shows this.

Action Shot from Above The Peak :

The front cover of Fighting Fit.

View More of Azza’s Work .. Go to …


Vouge – Behind the scene

Tracer – Photographer

Tracer, from north west London, has definantly excelled through the past year. From shooting urban, he stepped up and starting shooting high fashion and beauty. he has started to shoot some stunning models and creating amazing results from it.

He has been quiet during the past year.. and selective in who is using for his shoots, he is definantly a artist to look out for.

Check out Tracers photos below :

check out more photos from tracer at http://www.tracer.italstudios.co.uk

Nobody is not PERFECT!

Omg – This is wrong!

LOL: Snoop ‘n’ George Lopez