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Beyonce – Fashion 08/09

Tyra Banks Confronts Naomi Campbell

Flashback #3- Louis Blaise Photoshoot

Louis Blaise is an up ‘n’ coming music artist who express’s pain and past life through his Lyrics  he is a artist to look out for….

It was cold, hands were frozen and it was slippery but we still got some fantastic shots as an outcome. I love black and white photography, it has a certain feel to it, black and white express’s emotions different to colour.

Check out Louis Blaise’s music:

Whats in Fashion – Cavi.. (Men’s)

I did a shoot a while back and one of my clients (Spy) was wearing a milatary style t-shirt,  something that caught my eye straight away! as a photographer I have to look for new fashion clothing within all areas. The t-shirt what he was wearing was from a clothing label called ‘Cavi’ which are worn by celebs such as Trey songz, Fabulous, Kanye west and even akon. You can call it an ‘urban’ clothing line but it is cool.

The photo I shot (below) – Spy …(please note that the blog has made the picture’s quality decrease)

Flashback #2- Dot Rotten Photoshoot

Dot Rotten is a well established music artist/producer from south london. Formerly known as ‘Young Dot’ , dot rotten has built his name from grime/garage and now specializes in both, grime and rap genres.

The shoot was done at 3am in the morning, in the cold, empty streets of essex.  Having no one around  was a good thing as we can go in the roads and shoot anywhere.  The objective was to create a ‘one sided  portrait’ with one side of  ‘Rottens’ face lit up.

The second image (below) was done in the roads.. the traffic lights  gave off 3 dots of light which was caught in the shot.

the shoot was successful, with some great results, even though I ended up with some equipment damaged because of the windy morning.


Dot Rotten has 2 great cds on sale, make sure you go and buy them, On ‘Extra attention you can see my photography on the cd cover.

-Dot Rotten – Extra Attention …

-Dot Rotten – Something.Out. Of.Nothing

Flashback #2- Above The peak @ Mz.Bratt ft Sadie Ama ”I Like you” Video shoot

My good friend ‘Bratt’ had a video shoot and for support.. I went there and brought my lil Buddie ‘Nikon’ along… it was a fun video shoot and I got a few handy snaps

(Below) thats me  in the video shooting sadie ama, representing Above The Peak.. I was slyly upset as I didnt realise they had their photo equipment there and I had no lead to hook it up to!! So I just used the flash gun and done what I had to do.

Mz.Bratt ft Sadie Ama – I Like You