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Whats in Fashion – Cavi.. (Men’s)

I did a shoot a while back and one of my clients (Spy) was wearing a milatary style t-shirt,  something that caught my eye straight away! as a photographer I have to look for new fashion clothing within all areas. The t-shirt what he was wearing was from a clothing label called ‘Cavi’ which are worn by celebs such as Trey songz, Fabulous, Kanye west and even akon. You can call it an ‘urban’ clothing line but it is cool.

The photo I shot (below) – Spy …(please note that the blog has made the picture’s quality decrease)

The Man in the Suit!

This was an interesting shoot. we tried to mix urban with fashion .. bend a few rules.. the pictures came out well with different types of lighting.

even though it got dark early and cold.. we still ended up with a good outcome.

Erm.. Where Do I start…

Hello world .. Its me .. Rio .. the director and photographer of the company.. Ive been here thinking of concepts.. writing notes down in the pad.. The pages are getting covered in ink of spider diagrams.. I need to start bringing these ideas to life .. thats when things are going to start happening.

I had a crazy idea of  a model in the shower or bath but still in his suit.. It needed to come out of my head and go onto data .. so the phone call got made to my good friend Daniel and he was up for it. The shoot took 6 hours with 2-3 concepts but the water one was the main one.

Not bad for a first time model ey!

This was the bath idea. freezing cold in the water

This was the shower version.. one of my personal favourites!