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Above The Peak – News

Hello people,

It has been a while since I have blogged and kept people updated. Many things have been happening which includes updating the Above The Peak portfolio so the official website’s portfolio/gallery can be changed, for the better. Im looking to put the work in catorgories e.g. Fashion, Portrait, Personal and Beauty.

Keep locked in to the blog to stay updated :).

Above The Peak + Nell Nabarro

Above The Peak got a chance to shoot the great model Nell Nabarro who was on Britains next top model. Nell was shot with a film camera instead of digital this time!

We tried to go for the natural look, no retouching, no heavy make up and simple styling. It went well and got some great pictures from the shoot!

Check out Nell Nabarro’s pictures:

Above The Peak and Lamie Alexis

It was sunny, windy and warm at the same time. As crazy as it seems the wind was annoying, blowing the matte black balloons every where But in the end the wind calmed down letting us take some amazing photos.

Lamie Alexis is a new but great model posing like shes has been in the industry for over 5 years, we had fun shooting and many laughs, you will definantly see us working more often.


Where have you beeen!!??

Sorry people We have been away for a bit sorting out shoots, paper work, research etc etc. Updating the portfolio and making sure clients get what they pay for :).

We have been shooting with Nell Naburro , Lamie Stewart Gemma miller and more, experimenting with fashion, editorial and film!

Azza + Above The Peak – The English boxer and Olympic gold medalist

It was the 11th of April, at park royal.. I was assisting my good friend Azza, who was shooting James Degale,  an English boxer and Olympic gold medalist. It was a quick shoot with amazing results in the big gym.

When it comes to portraits, fashion or beauty, Azza knows exactly what he is doing… the front cover shows this.

Action Shot from Above The Peak :

The front cover of Fighting Fit.

View More of Azza’s Work .. Go to …

Above The Peak’s website

The website will soon be updated as soon as a few projects are out of the way.

Keep locked in.

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Flashback #3- Louis Blaise Photoshoot

Louis Blaise is an up ‘n’ coming music artist who express’s pain and past life through his Lyrics  he is a artist to look out for….

It was cold, hands were frozen and it was slippery but we still got some fantastic shots as an outcome. I love black and white photography, it has a certain feel to it, black and white express’s emotions different to colour.

Check out Louis Blaise’s music: