Inspiration#3 – Douglas Bizzaro + Elizibeth Moss

I was researching on the web.. and I came across this amazing site with some amazing photographs bu Douglas and Elizabeth … There was something rather confusing though.. either they use the same retouchers as Markus Klinko which is Indrani or….

They use the same techniques in some beauty shots.. The pictures below are my favourite type of beauty shots .. with the fierce face .. and the hair blowing everywhere with the golden face.

Douglas Bizzaro’s picture below…

Markus Klinkos Version Below….

I love the way they have been retouched….but they do look very similar..


2 responses to “Inspiration#3 – Douglas Bizzaro + Elizibeth Moss

  1. Those are all Douglas and Elizabeth’s images. Not Klinko’s. .. Beautiful work. you can see them all

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